Is Pizza at your Restaurant Still Hot?

Pizza consumption has reached a all time restaurant  highCheesy, gooey, mouthwatering pizza. There’s a reason it’s a perennial winner on favorite food lists. But is it as popular today as it’s been for the past 10, 25, or even 50 years?

The answer, according to food-centric research and consulting firm Technomic? A resounding yes.

Let’s take a closer look at Technomic’s findings, along with key takeaways for restaurant owners looking to serve up the perfect pizza-eating experience for customers. Continue reading Is Pizza at your Restaurant Still Hot?

5 Ways to Celebrate National Breakfast Month

Celebrate National Breakfast Month and pay more attention to your  breakfast habitsSeptember is just around the corner, bringing thoughts of cooler weather, fall foliage, and back-to-school. But another subject garners the spotlight when the final day of August comes to a close.

September is National Breakfast Month! Why does this meal merit an entire month in its honor? The answer is simple, and you’ve probably been hearing it for years: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
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Five Tips for Perfect Pizza-Making

pizza-making tips to ensure that you churn out superior and delicious tasting pizza pies. Pizza one of life’s most scrumptious foods, but making this cheesy favorite is both a science and an art.

Anyone who has ever tried to make a pizza which fell short of their epicurean expectations may be hesitant to try again, but doing so is well worth the effort. Continue reading Five Tips for Perfect Pizza-Making

Starting a Barbecue Restaurant? Read This First

Opening a Barbecue Restaurant? there are important tips to help you get off to a fiery start.Historians place George Washington himself at a cookout all the way back in 1769 when he wrote in his journal, “Went into Alexandria to a barbecue and stayed all night.” President Franklin D. Roosevelt, meanwhile, once memorably served hot dogs to the King and Queen of England. Continue reading Starting a Barbecue Restaurant? Read This First

Dissecting the Crab Craze on National Crab Day

On March 9th AKA National Crabs day indulge in delicious and  tasty crab delicacy.Alaskan King Crab. Alaskan Snow Crab. Blue Crab. Dungeness Crab. Red Rock Crab. Stone Crab. Just reading this list may be enough to make your mouth start watering.

But crabs aren’t just tasty to eat; they also boast a fascinating history and interesting path to the American plate. And there’s no better time Continue reading Dissecting the Crab Craze on National Crab Day

Adding Buffet Capabilities To Your Catering Business

As a caterer, you should be able to provide your clients with the dining style they prefer. This can mean plated meals served by your waiters or buffet meals that allow guests the indulgence of choosing what they want from the party spread.

Buffets are actually very popular, not just for events (such as weddings), but also as a restaurant concept (eat-all-you-can restaurants). Buffets take out much of the guesswork of preparing the meals and it also saves a lot on manpower costs, since it’s basically a self-serve option.

Here are some considerations in equipping your business for buffet offerings:

Type of buffet. Outdoor and indoor buffets have different requirements. For outdoor buffets, you must consider getting unpowered equipment, such as gas-fueled chafers. There may be times when you have limited access to a power plug. For indoor buffets, you can add to the wow factor with an induction buffet table (which keeps food appetizingly warm with fewer possibilities for burning or scalding). For both types of buffets, you will need to look at highly portable equipment and also make provision for containers to transfer your kitchenware.

Food presentation. The food must be presented in a creative and appetizing manner. You will need quality buffet display and restaurant supplies for this.

Buffet traffic. The flow of diners across the buffet spread should be carefully planned to minimize bottlenecks. You should also take note of the space available for the buffet, given that most of these are offered at events that include other activities such as dancing and socializing.

Layout. Similarly, you also need to plan the flow so that the diners pass by the courses in order (i.e. appetizers, soups, main entrees and desserts). This provides diner with something that is similar to the seated dining experience. The cold dishes (salads, cold cuts) should be at the beginning of the lineup, followed by the heated dishes. That way, the heated items will not be too cold by the time the diner gets back to his seat.

Diner’s requirements. Diners may have allergies with specific ingredients in a dish. It is best to label each dish and name the potential allergen so that guests with allergies can avoid them. Servers should also be knowledgeable about the dishes in case the guests have questions.

Responsiveness. Some favorites may need more refilling and your servers need to be attentive to this detail.

Now that we have discussed some key considerations, here is some buffet supplies and equipment you will need:

Chafers and warmers. Keep food appetizingly hot and visually attractive with chafing dishes and warmers.

Catering trays. These are platters that are large enough to hold some buffet staples such as canapés, cold cuts or desserts.

Buffet griddles or mini stove top. Cook quick dishes as the diners order them.

Display baskets. Highlight your breads, rolls or chips using these display baskets.

Drink dispensers. You can choose the insulated versions of these dispensers to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

Serving utensils. Allow diners to serve themselves with ease and minimum fuss with serving spoons or forks, ladles and cake chargers.

Catering containers. This makes transport of food items easier.

Food bags. You can prepare food in your industrial kitchen and keep them warm using food bags.

Buffet risers or stands. This can highlight and present some dishes where it can be seen more easily.

Chocolate fountains. This has become a staple in dessert tables and allows guests to enjoy dipping the melted chocolate into a wide assortment of food (e.g. fruits, bread sticks, marshmallows, etc.).

Ice sculpture molds. Rather than springing for an ice carver every time you host a buffet event, why not invest in an ice sculpture mold?

Cooling tubs. Display and keep beers, sodas and other drinks cold with a cooling tub filled with ice.

Heat lamps. These are especially useful in the carving station of the buffet, to keep the grease in the meats from building up. This can also be used in keeping pizza, breads or fried foods warm.

Plate warmers. Keep plates at a warm temperature to help keep the food hot and fresh as the guest traverses the buffet tables.


Displaying Foods

Whether you own a restaurant, catering company or other food service business it’s important to display your food correctly. If you have some sort of buffet or similar food display it needs to look attractive. The style of the food display can actually impact the entire meal and your customers’ experience.

You can find a range of food display options and kitchenware equipment through Lionsdeal. The items you will need depend on the type of food you’re serving. It’s important to also consider the atmosphere in which you’ll be serving the food. The setup for a special occasion dinner will be different from other situations. Here are a few situations to give you some ideas.

Restaurant Buffet

There are quite a few items you’ll need to run a restaurant buffet. Some of the buffetware will be outside the food display category. This includes the different ways to heat certain food and drink-related items.

One great item for a buffet is serving platters. These are great for displaying foods that don’t need to be heated. This can include certain finger foods, cheese, and crackers. You can choose from different sizes and shapes for your serving platters.

Bowls are another option for restaurant buffets. Serving bowls are great for fruits and vegetables. Using a deep bowl works well for fruits, but a shallow bowl can also be used. It’s best for vegetables to be served in a shallow bowl. Your customers will have an easier time of getting to the food.

Wedding Reception

A very important part of a wedding reception is the cake. Using a cake stand is one of the best ways to display the cake. It will help keep the cake stable while adding a bit of extra style. Some stands are decorative while others are plainer. This gives the couple the ability to choose what type of stand fits their wedding.

Serving platters are also important for catering a wedding reception. These can be used to serve guests at their tables or to display foods at a buffet. If a wedding reception includes a buffet one of the best options for serving food is tiered buffet displays. It’s a simple way to display a large amount of food in a small space. Many styles are also available to match the wedding.

Continental Breakfast

A complimentary breakfast will often be served at a hotel or for a special retreat that requires catering. Displaying food for this type of breakfast is different from displaying food for a wedding. Breakfast is often laid back and casual. For this reason, a lot of places use display items that are not fancy. A common item is woven baskets. Bagels or condiments are often put in these baskets.

Serving bowls and serving platters are also used often. The bowls will usually hold fruit, such as apples and bananas. The platters may have dry food options. Tiered buffet displays can also be used. These are handy for a breakfast that is served on a single table.

There are many options for all of these items through Lionsdeal. Other options are also available. Many other items are helpful when you’re serving and displaying food, but not all restaurants and catering companies need specialized items. The items above are the basics.

You can find even more options at At their website, you’ll be able to find items and equipment to meet all your needs. Commercial kitchenware, office supplies, and disposable items are just a few other the types of items available.

Catering Equipment for all Catering Needs

A catering business is much larger than some people realize. Quite a few pieces of equipment are required to serve food and satisfy customers. The amount of equipment depends on the services a catering business offers. A business offering only buffets will have less equipment than a full service catering business. Lionsdeal offers a wide range of catering equipment to meet all catering needs.


Every catering business needs to have commercial kitchenware to prepare the food before serving. It is important to use commercial kitchenware because it is much sturdier than kitchenware that is available in a department store. A few pieces that are available are pasta cutters, planetary mixers, meat and cheese slicers, French fry and onion cutters, and vegetable food prep machines. Several of these pieces are essential for serving a meal, while others are more specialized. More kitchenware is also available through Lionsdeal.

Buffet Supplies

A buffet is the most common way that people use catering. It is simple for hosts and their guests to serve themselves. This way of serving can require many pieces of equipment. There are several popular ways to set up a buffet, and each way requires different equipment.

One way is to use chafing dishes to keep food warm. Using chafers often makes the buffet look a little classier. Most of the dishes are made of stainless steel and have nice covers. Rectangular chafers are the most common, but they are not the only kind. Circular chafers are also available. These chafers can hold sauces or be used as a soup warmer. It is important to remember that this equipment also requires chafing fuel, which is available through Lionsdeal.

Serving Equipment

Dinnerware is very important to consider when a catering business serves food to guests sitting at tables. A business will need to consider what type of food trays their wait staff should use. Round trays are the most popular type. Lionsdeal offers these trays in several styles and sizes. Using tray stands is also a good idea when serving large tables. These stands will make serving much easier for the wait staff.

Two other important items to consider are the plates and flatware. Most events will not provide plates and flatware for the meal. Choosing the right dinnerware is very important, because it adds or takes away from the atmosphere of the meal. There are many different styles to choose from through Lionsdeal. It is best to choose from the restaurant dinnerware section because it offers the most styles in one place. A few of the options are china, glass, square, and melamine plates.

Choosing flatware is just as important as choosing the plates. There are as many choices for the flatware as there are for the plates. Pairing the right flatware with the plates will improve the atmosphere of the meal. There are several flatware categories, including contemporary and economy flatware. In the economy flatware section there is a wide variety of discount flatware for any catering business on a budget.

These are just a few pieces of catering equipment that Lionsdeal has to offer. The actual equipment needed varies from business to business. It all depends on the services the business provides. No matter what services are offered, Lionsdeal has all the equipment a catering business needs.

Keep Food Warm All Day Long with Soup Warmers

Keeping Soup Hot, Easy as ‘ABC’ With Soup Warmers

Often, when we wish to keep soup, stew, chili, dips, or sauces warm for very long at all, we are required to run back and forth to the kitchen, checking the soup pot which we have left on a stove burner on the low or medium setting. If we aren’t careful, or get caught up in other work around the house and forget, we end up with a messy pot of scorched and disgusting soup, thus ruining the entire pot which we worked so hard to make. Soup warmers are a great way to avoid all of that.

Soup warmers come in many different styles and sizes. You can purchase them to keep one bowl of soup warm, or a whole large pot. They are also available with twin wells, which means that there are two separate pots to hold soups, making it possible to keep two different flavors of soups, dips, and more warm at the same time. Soup warmers will keep your soups, chili, sauces, and stews warm all day without the fear of overcooking. These are a great idea for the home or for restaurant use.

When choosing a soup and sauce warmer, you can decide what size you need based on how much soup you will be warming at a time. For example, a person who lives alone might only need to keep a bowl of soup warm for themselves and have no need for a large soup warmer. With a single serving soup warmer, you can keep the whole bowl warm, to the very last bite. Soup warmers come in varied sizes and can be purchased in anything from a small single serving size, or much larger twelve quart and more.

You may also want to consider purchasing larger soup warmers for soups, chili, dip and stew if you expect to have guests. Sauces, cheese dips, even melted chocolate can be kept warm throughout the life of the party in a soup warmer with little to no checking on them. Instead of running back and forth to the kitchen stove to see to the sauce or to refill the dipping bowls, you can simply set the soup warmer out on the table and your guests can help themselves.

These sauce and soup warmers come in a variety of different styles and types. Many of the sets include ladles, inserts and lids, with the choice of a hinged lid which can be very convenient, and saves you the trouble of having to find a place to set the lid while dipping. Temperature control is also available to keep your sauces, stews, and soup warm for hours. These great looking soup warmers are sure to be a hit for any home, restaurant, or anywhere you wish to keep soups warm.