Choosing Take Out Disposables for Your Restaurant

Doggy bags and take out containers are just par for the course in a restaurant. This means your dishes are so good, customers can’t help but want to take them home! Actually, take out and delivery can be a great source of income for the restaurant. However, you need to choose the right disposables to ensure that the food is still well-presented and safe for consumption when it arrives at the homes of your customers.

Here are some tips when choosing wholesale restaurant supplies such as take out disposables:

Think sustainable. Restaurants should consciously do their share for the environment, rather than simply focusing on the dollars and cents of the business. Plastic wholesale disposables may be a bit cheaper than their sustainable counterparts, but “going green” and letting your customers know about it also has its own benefits, as people appreciate a business’ efforts to be more environmental friendly and will reward it with their support.

Encourage re-usable and recyclable. As a “green” restaurant, encourage regular customers to bring their reusable containers and get premiums discounts. For instance, a coffee shop can give premium prices to those who bring their own coffee containers. There are also restaurants that give out points to those who take back take-out containers for recycling.

Choose materials suitable to your take-out products. What products will you be offering for take-out? Will these include soups, pasta, salads, sandwiches or pizzas? For light food such as cake or sandwiches, you can choose lightweight takeout boxes or containers. However, you need to look for a heavy-duty alternative if you also allow heavier or denser food (i.e. pasta) for takeout. You can choose from a wide range of disposable materials, including plastic, Styrofoam, aluminum and bioplastics. It is important to consider how well your chosen material will stand up, resist bending, and minimize leaks and possible contamination. Other qualities you can consider, depending on the food that is to be taken out include insulating ability, water and cut resistance and durability.

Think safety and convenience. Choose take out containers that can seal the food tightly so as to maintain the freshness and safety of the food. The materials themselves should be safe enough so that the containers themselves do not transmit any harmful substances that can leach into the food. Also, the containers themselves should be light, compact and easily stackable that taking them home is not an inconvenience for your customers.

Select the design. The great thing about disposables is that they come in a wide range of sizes and designs. It all depends on what your restaurant needs. For instance, if you allow take-out for full entrees that feature different food items, you should consider a multi-compartment container. Rectangular containers with only one compartment can hold salads or pastas. When choosing the containers, look into how these close. Do they require a lid or do they come with a clamshell closure? If you are serving take-out coffee, be sure to choose a cup lid with safety features such as drink through holes and inner ring (to prevent the lid from popping off).

Consider dispensers and storage space. To facilitate your take out operations, choose disposables that also have their own dispensers. Also, consider how these containers can be efficiently stockpiled in your storage area.

Restaurant Supplies That Are Important To Have

It can be quite a task to figure out what are the necessary supplies to have for a restaurant. The questions just keep piling on your back; what equipment is necessary to have for running a restaurant? What purchase can you leave out? Are there warranties on the equipment I purchase? How much do I need to get by? Soon you will realize that the task is not quite as easy as you thought. Everything amounts to what is being invested and how you are going to use that investment. It is essential that you provide the right kitchen supplies that can be reliable for the job.

When you are purchasing restaurant equipment; these purchases are going to be used daily so the quality and reliability of these utensils are important for you to put out quality food. Consider purchasing kitchen supplies as an investment, when you purchase your tools, you will be using them for a long period of time and one thing you don’t want to happen is those tools to break, rust, or deteriorate in any way. That’s why it is so important the need of high quality product that you can depend on.

Necessities to have for a restaurant:

First, let’s look at expensive kitchen equipment. Do you need an oven, freezer, cooler, fryer, or grill, consider these a major investment due to the expensive purchase. The pro’s to these purchases is that they last for a long time and usually come with a warranty. Also don’t forget the complementary products that come with them which are pots and pans. These different items are long lasting equipment that goes hand in hand with ovens, fryers and grills. Restaurants will need even bigger kitchen equipment than what a house would have.

Making a list of kitchen supplies from big to little purchases also helps to know where you are spending the most money and how to fluctuate your spending power. Your big purchases can be placed in long term storage, pots and pans are short term and utensils are the tools to process the food. Another thing to do to your list is place importance on the items you will use every day, this will give hierarchy to which ones should be purchased first. Go through the list and categorize them from pots and pans, dinnerware, utensils, janitorial supplies, etc…

Undoubtedly there might be something that will come up that you will need later on, so don’t worry if you miss a few things. If something else is needed either you or the chef will take notice and have a restaurant supply list to purchase those items in the future. One place you can find all this restaurant equipment is at They have everything and anything you will need in one place. You don’t have to worry about going to different places or searching for each item.

Lionsdeal has everything organized from dining room items, kitchenware, bar, office supplies, disposables, general supplies and even pizza pans. You can find what you need there and not find it difficult to place orders or shop around to find something and get low prices.

What Items, You Can’t Go Without!

Every day we depend on kitchen supplies to provide us with enriched gourmet food and quality dishes. When considering on purchasing kitchen or restaurant equipment, remember that it is an investment. The supplies you purchase are essential part of getting quality dishes and depend on having high quality products that are reliable for the job.

Ovens, freezers, coolers, fryers, and grills should be considered as a major investment. These items can get really expensive and you want them to last for quite some time. Even pots and pans are long lasting equipment that should be seen as an investment and with the purchase of these high dollar items, it would be wise to get a warranty from the supplier incase anything happens to the equipment.


The lists for kitchen supplies are endless and undaunting task to complete. To ease the burden start by covering the basics; make a list of the tools that you would usually use every day. This could cover products like bowls and plates, to pot and pans, to the different types of spoons you use. By making a list you will know exactly what you have and what else you will need to get in the future.

To make it easier on yourself we have provided a list of must have items that will take care of your costly trips back and forth to the store to purchase another utensil for your kitchen supplies. Make sure this is a list of kitchen equipment that is a must in your house or restaurant. Without these item’s, you won’t be able to cook or eat.

– Kitchen Utensils: tools for cooking such as spatulas, ladles, measuring spoons, long/short tongs. Be sure to make not the amount needed for your cooking supply and also don’t disregard safety; a longer handle on a ladle could help decrease burns.

Flatware: Unless you’re ok with eating with your hands you may not need flatware but most likely, everyone uses flatware. Forks, spoons, knives are sometimes a necessity when it comes to eating. It may be quite difficult to eat without them.

Dinnerware: are very important for they provide the use of serving food; having entrée plates, soup bowls, pasta bowls, salad plates, dessert plates, glasses, etc… Take into account that plates might break so plan accordingly and have extra plates just incase.

– Pots and pans: are the cookware that gets the most use, so you want to get something dependable and durable for its high volume use. Depending on the quantity of people you are serving for, look for the size of pots and pans in need. Not only look for sizes but type of pans like baking pans, saucepans, sauté pans, pizza pan, stockpots and other cookware that are a necessity for the kitchen.

– Janitorial supplies: are supplies that help clean up and provide safety. They include soaps, sanitizers, rubber floor mats, aprons, fire extinguisher, towels and other cleaning supplies. No one wants to eat from an unclean environment which makes janitorial supplies a wise purchase.

Undoubtedly some other things will come up that you need to put into your restaurant supply and as long as you have the basics you should be fine. If something else needs to be added you will sooner or later will take note and acquire those tools for use.

Where to Buy Wholesale Restaurant Supplies

As a restaurant owner, you spend a lot of your time taking care of logistics, but if you are currently using multiple vendors to procure the restaurant supplies you need, you should know that there is a better option. Choose to use a reputable wholesale foodservice supplier who carries thousands of national brand name products all in one place. It saves time, is typically more costs effective, and makes expenditures easier to control.

One such brand is Tablecraft, which is a leading manufacturer of high quality foodservice supplies. Their extensive catalog of products has made them a staple in many restaurants, hotels, and retail stores for more than fifty years. Producing only the best commercial kitchenware products has made this innovative leader a favorite in more than sixty countries around the world.

So, if you are looking to the future or have a taste for the past, consider this extensive line of accommodating products. Design choices include contemporary, traditional, nostalgic, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces that you will not find anywhere else. With all of the choices available, you are sure to find everything you need, from bar tending, to table number and melamine dinnerware. You are also likely to discover items you may not have otherwise thought of. One thing is certain; those who have experienced Tablecraft’s quality and value have come to depend on it for all of their inventory needs.

Some other Tablecraft essentials to consider are food storage boxes and totes, drink dispensers, bowls, trays, carafes, and cake stands. What’s more, all of these products can be used to multi-task. For instance, use cake stands to add dimension and interest to a buffet table by displaying foods at varying heights, or add an artistic flair to cheese spreads and pates by molding them in a teardrop shaped bowl.

In addition to Tablecraft, we also carry many other quality brand and items. For instance, baking dishes are an essential element of a well-stocked kitchen. Consider ramekins; they range in size from small condiment dishes, to large crowd pleasers. Also, choose Welsh rarebit oval baking dishes; they are perfect for savory sauces, vegetables, and Au Gratins. Casserole pans, with or without handles and lids are ideal for a variety of baked foods. They come in various sizes, shapes and colors, and every kitchen should have at least a few on hand.

Baking pans are another staple. Using the correct type and size can make all the difference how well a dish turns out. Look for round, square, or sheet pans to ensure that you can produce almost every type of cake. Add a few additions, such as spring form, tart, bundt or molds, as well as the basic loaf pan to help round out your collection. There are also specialty baking pans, such as those made of paper, which are ideal for caterers, bakery shops, and street vendors. Mini three-tier cake pans are also a great specialty pan. Once food is cooked, you have to store and transport it safely. Covered containers, ingredient bins, steam table pans, canisters, and utility/service carts make storing and transporting easy. They also help practice safe food handling by keeping ingredients tightly sealed, or at the correct temperature. Additionally, clear canisters are a great organizing tool. Just fill, label and date to keep inventory visible. It helps to streamline ordering, because you can see which product you need as well as those that you do not.

Cutlery is also a necessity. Knives come in various styles, and you use each one for a specific purpose. Bread knives have a long serrated blade to prevent smashing and tearing delicate loafs. It is also a good choice for cutting tomatoes into uniform slices. Chef’s knives are one of the largest knives. Use them for chopping, dicing, and mincing a variety of foods. Boning and filleting knives have a long, slender, and somewhat flexible blade, which makes removing meat or fish from the bone an easy job. Paring knives have a short pointed blade. Use them to peel skins or rinds from fruit and vegetables, as well as to remove pits and seeds. Buy cutlery in individual pieces or in complete sets.

When serving meals, you must consider place settings. Chargers help set a pretty table, but they are also utilitarian pieces that prevent servers, patrons, and tabletops from being burned. They also help keep linen stains to a minimum. Once used to compliment formal place settings, they are now perfectly acceptable for any dinning style. Use them to hold the dinner plate, however if a first course is being served, place the soup or salad plate on the dinner plate, and then lay the napkin on the top dish. A napkin ring is a nice addition that helps pull the look together.

Choose charger plates and napkin rings in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, because the styles you choose will help set the tone of a meal. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Some examples would be to use gold or red for romantic or holiday’s meals, floral patterns for spring, plaids or warm colors in the fall, and cool or light colors for a summer celebration. In addition to place settings, use chargers as decor. A simple option is to place several pillar candles of varying sizes onto a glass charger to use as table centerpiece, or place one in private and guest bathrooms to encourage a relaxing candlelit bath. Also, place them poolside during a midnight swim. A charger can also take the place of a fruit bowl, make the perfect appetizer or cheese tray, or use a non-breakable one as a snack tray for the kids. Just place a paper towel underneath snacks to prevent staining.

At any rate, when choosing a supplier for your business look for advantages, such as free shipping and a price match guarantee to ensure you are getting the lowest possible price. As you can see, using one vendor who is capable of furnishing you with wholesale kitchen equipment, wholesale restaurant equipment and many more wholesale items is the smart way to go.

Tablecraft Restaurant Supplies

As a business owner, you already know that finding a reliable source to procure the kitchen equipment and restaurant supplies you need is not an easy task. Using multiple sources generally means you find a few supplies here, or a piece of equipment there; it’s just not the most productive or efficient option. Not only does it consume a big chunk of your time, it generates multiple orders and invoices, and you have to settle for a product that you would not ordinarily choose in order to have something in place.

If you are taking this route, you need to know that there is an alternative route, and that is using a reputable wholesale restaurant supplier who carries everything you need under one roof. It not only allows you to make better use of your time, it is typically costs less too. Once you have found your go-to source, all you have to do is decide which products you need, and this is where the Tablecraft brand enters the picture.

Tablecraft is a leading manufacturer of high quality, commercial grade, foodservice supplies whose products are used by caterers, restaurants, hotels and retail stores around the world. In fact, this innovative leader has continually supplied foodservice establishments in more than sixty countries for well over fifty years. That, in itself, should be incentive enough to check these products out.

Consider this; there are only a few reasons why a company’s products can become so well-known and remain a favorite in the industry for such a long time. It all comes down to quality, durability, affordability and availability, and Tablecraft offers all of that. So, whether you are looking to the future or have a taste for the past, Tablecraft has the products that you are looking for, and then some.

Design choices include contemporary, traditional, nostalgic, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces that you will not find anywhere else. With the number of choices available, you are sure to find everything you need, from bar tending, to table numbers to melamine dinnerware. You will also discover many items that you may not have otherwise considered.

In addition, they also carry their own collections of complete buffet services, including the Glacier Collection and Barcelona Collection. Both collections come with every dish necessary to set up a fully stocked buffet. Other Tablecraft essentials to consider are Food storage boxes and totes, drink dispensers, bowls, food trays, carafes, and cake stands.

What’s more, all of these products can be used to multi-task. For instance, use cake stands to add dimension and interest to a dessert or buffet table by displaying foods at varying heights, or add an artistic flair to cheese spreads and pates by molding them in artistically shaped bowls, and displaying them on a contrasting plate or tray.

Whether looking for catering or kitchen equipment, cutlery or restaurant equipment, the Tablecraft brand is one that you can rely on now, and for years to come. No wonder it is so highly recommended the world over. Browse the Tablecraft line, and you will see what others already know; Tablecraft is simply the best.

Choosing Restaurant Disposables

Restaurants, caterers and stores are using disposables for many purposes, from serving to reheating, displaying and carryout. You will find a wide variety of disposables for each of your needs. Let’s have a look at some of their great choices.

Microwave safe black 48 oz with lid – Perfect for holding chili cheese fries in a refrigerated display for your customers to pick up and heat up. Don’t stop at those fries, maybe some homemade mac and cheese for the quick lunch too ! Made strong and durable to avoid the accidents caused by flimsy materials, and cooler to the touch even after heating. It’s even top rack dishwasher safe !

Dispoz-o Products 3 Compartment Hinged 9 inch Biodegradable – Your right choice for helping protect the environment, this three compartment hinged container is certifiable biodegradable. Same great strength and style as you would normally find in the traditional containers and able to withstand high temps and moisture for durability. Excellent choice for carry outs.

12 inch Round Aluminum Serving Tray – Beautiful and sturdy with embossed designs, this tray is impressive in functionality as well as style. It is the perfect server for finger foods or a veggie and fruit tray use. Try it for sophisticated serving of dainty sandwiches at a luncheon, you will find many uses for this economical and stylish tray without having to worry about it doing a great job.

Chinet Savaday Food Tray – Made from recycled fibers, this sturdy tray can handle cooking grease absorption. Measuring 5×7 inches, it is perfect size for fries or maybe popcorn shrimp orders. You can feel good about using this tray because it is recycled made and can still do what you need it to do.

8 Oz Clear Plastic Container with Lid – Perfect choice for holding small amounts or individual servings of foods such as salsa or dips. Can be used as a beautifully functional food holder for refrigerator cases for customers to pick up to go or for restaurants to serve various items that would work well as a take out style server. Being clear, your customers will see the freshness of the foods and be prompted to buy.

Dart 16 Oz Squat Foam Container – ( Lids sold separately ) These are essential products for serving single portion sizes of soups or stews or chilled fruit salads or puddings because the high insulation property allows your foods to stay cold or hot longer. Use with lids for take out serving. Perfect size for individual servings or perhaps that gravy to go for the chicken dinner meal. The possibilities are almost endless with this great container.

Corn Plastic Environmentally Friendly Straws – Fabulous new choice for the breakroom or restaurant service. Fully compostable and sturdy as well as allergen free, this corn-based straw is the choice for today’s lifestyles. Using this straw could make a difference in your world today and in the future.

Disposable Caterware – This line of disposables is perfect for the catering business or the wedding or other not quite formal events, outdoor events in particular. Glasses, plates, utensils and more that shine with style and functionality, this is the line to choose for so many events and uses. They have an affordable price tag and the sophistication that will make your event memorable and easy.

Dixie 10 Oz Perfect touch Hot Cups – More stylish and durable than the ordinary foam insulated cup and holds temperatures just as well. Great outside texture for easier grip and perfect size for fresh coffee, rich hot cocao, or steaming tea.

Linen Like Dinner Napkin – 16×16 size with sophisticated styling and sturdy functionality, you will find many uses for this napkin. From lining breadbaskets to wrapping silverware to handing out to patrons, your customers will be impressed with this choice.

These are just a small sampling of the great choices you will find here at when it comes disposables for restaurant equipment, stores, catering companies, personal uses and more. Check out these and the many other great offerings today.

Restaurant Menu Covers

The menu is an important part of any restaurant. It provides one of the first impressions of the restaurant and food to your customers. By having nice restaurant menus and large displays, you can entice your customers and prepare them to enjoy your food. Because the menus are so important, it is critical that you select high quality menus that are durable and appealing.

One of the first things your customers will see when they arrive at your restaurant is a large display. These are typically used to advertise current special offers and meals. An A-frame sidewalk chalkboard is very traditional technique for encouraging customers to come inside and try your food. If you prefer a more modern look, you might like the sidewalk swinging sign or the write on / wash off sign.

Once inside, a wood frame markerboard or white melamine markerboard hanging on a wall near the front will interest your customers as they wait to be seated at a table. If you have smaller items you wish to highlight, such as fresh baked desserts, a tabletop markerboard is perfect for drawing your customer’s attention to an item.

Displaying the menu is a great way to encourage new customers to try your restaurant for the first time. Many people are hesitant to try new things, but become more eager and excited once they know there is something available that they will enjoy. A menu display case is a very classy way to highlight your menu, can be used indoors or outdoors, and is available in many different wood finishes to complement any style. A single pedestal broadcaster or double pedestal broadcaster is another alternative if you prefer to display the menu away from the wall.

And of course the most important menu is the one the customer will hold in their hand while they are seated. This is a great opportunity for you to show creativity and “sell” your food. A menu should be durable and resistant to spills, as they may remain on the table after the customer receives their drinks and appetizers. A single clear menu cover is perfect for a simple and straightforward menu. For a longer menu, you may chose a 2 fold menu cover or 3 fold menu cover to hold all of your items. And if you are really ambitious with your menu, there is also a 6 page menu cover available to suit even the largest selections. A black menu cover with gold lettering is the perfect choice for a fancier restaurant. You may have a print shop design and produce the pages of your menu. If you are creative, you may enjoy the opportunity to make them yourself.

A menu is the customer’s first experience with your food. These products will help you create excellent menus that will get your customers drooling in anticipation and coming back again and again.

Discounted Pizza Supplies As A Gift For Pizza Lovers

Let’s say that you’ve got a friend that has a birthday coming up and you can’t seem to figure out what it is that he or she wants. Not only that but you’re working around a tight budget that doesn’t really give you room to buy the most extravagant of presents. Thankfully, it’s hard to find a person that doesn’t like pizza and discounted pizza supplies can make a great gift when you’re low on cash but looking to make your friend feel special.


Putting together a gift basket of pizza supplies is relatively simple since most of the items can be found at your local supermarket. Not only that but pizza supplies are easy on the pocket so if you do your shopping wisely, you can get a lot for a small amount of money. Some of the pizza supplies that you might want to include in your pizza lover gift basket are as follows:
• Pizza Pan and Pizza Cutter: Pizza pans and pizza cutters are the staple in any attempt to make pizza and if your pal loves to make homemade pizza, you can be sure that these items will be used often.
• Cookbook: Variety in pizza is the one thing a pizza lover will always be looking for and that is what makes these sorts of pizza supplies wonderful to include in your gift basket. Your friend can try some of the given recipes for pizza sauces and may even be inspired to make his or her own concoction.
• Oven Mitt: Show your buddy that you care about his or her hands by throwing in these pizza supplies. Oven mitts generally have quite a fair amount of available designs and don’t cost much at all.
• Spices: When you’re talking about pizza supplies, a healthy variety of spices is always well appreciated. From oregano to crushed peppers, your friend can work on whatever pizza they desire with the help of some well chosen spices.
These aren’t the only pizza supplies that can be placed in the gift basket. You can also opt to include cheese and spice shakers or mixing bowls for the dough. Be creative with the discounted pizza supplies that you pick to make your friend feel just a little bit more special and appreciated. Happy gift-giving!

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Commercial Bar Supplies: The Right Glass for Every Drink

bar suppliesHave you ever tried drinking coffee out of a martini glass? How about champagne from a tea cup? Although drinking the aforementioned drinks from the glasses mentioned isn’t impossible, it doesn’t do the drink justice. One of the battles that bar tenders face is knowing about glassware, one of the top priorities in bar supplies. To help everyone out, here are some bar supplies that have specific purposes.
Collins Glass: A Collins Glass is a bar supply that is just like the ordinary glasses someone might have in their cupboard. It’s suitable for serving water or mellow alcoholic beverages like a long island iced tea.
Beer Stein: These bar supplies are not for the faint of heart. Beer steins are bar supplies that will hold an entire bottle of beer. This kind of glassware is best for when the town visits the pub for a beer while the game is on.
Champagne Flute Glasses: It shouldn’t be hard to guess what these bar supplies are meant to hold. These glasses are best for serving champagne because of the long stem and narrow bowl. It’s one of the most classic and elegant of bar supplies.
Cocktail Glass: If you’re not drinking a martini from a cocktail glass, it just doesn’t seem to taste as good. These bar supplies also have a long neck but the bowl, when looked at from the side, looks more like a triangle. This can also be used to serve cosmopolitans or margaritas.
Wheat Beer Glass: When serving beer that’s meant to be foamy, the wheat beer glass is the most suitable of bar supplies to have on hand. It holds quite a generous amount of beer while still having the perfect amount of room left over for the foam. These glasses are best for German Beers.
bar supplyTrying to know which bar supplies are meant for which drinks can get the best of bartenders dizzy but it shouldn’t take long for you to cosy up to the different kinds of glasses available. So the next time you set out to stock up on bar supplies, hopefully this list will come in handy and you’ll have the right glass for every drink.

Commercial Bar Supplies Basics

After a long day at work, it’s always nice to stopover at pub for a night cap before heading home to call it a day. That and the steady amount of customers looking for a nice place to hang out on weekends are reason enough for anyone to take on the endeavour of opening up a bar. For inexperienced entrepreneurs, however, the picking and choosing of proper bar supplies is likely to scare them away from the business altogether.

bar supplies

Making the bar list and buying the necessary ingredients is smooth sailing for many especially if they’re well versed in cocktails and different popular beers so for the sake of educating you on the bar supplies, let’s assume that you’ve got all that figured out. Though there are many different kinds of bar supplies that an owner can buy, to make things simpler stock your bar with the basic bar supplies first. Here’s a look at some of the basics that you’ll need.


The most basic of bar supplies are the glassware that you’ll be purchasing. After all, other than bottled beer, what are you going to serve your drinks in if you don’t have any glasses to do so? In these cases of bar supplies, the picking and choosing of the glassware can contribute greatly to the customer’s experience at your bar. If you’re wary about having rowdy customers breaking your bar glassware, go for the cheaper alternatives to make replacement easy on your pockets. If you’re looking for a more classy feel, there are unique kinds of glassware out there. The only problem is that replacing those bar supplies may be harder on both you and your pocket.

Ice Machines

Without a doubt, an ice machine is one of the bar supplies that you’ll be grateful to have on hand daily. Since nearly all the drinks at a bar are served cold, there is no such thing as having too much ice. When you’re picking out bar supplies like this, take into consideration the rate at which it can make ice and the dispensing capabilities. Most of the time the ice is going straight into a cooler or bucket so easy access to the ice is a must.

Bottle Openers

Different bottles require different methods to open them and thus having bar supplies with various bottle openers will be beneficial to you and your business. Having only one kind of bottle opener will leave the bar tender with a bit of a problem when, for example, he’s considering smashing the bottle top just to get the liquid out.

Stocking your bar with the right bar supplies is the first step in ensuring a successful business. Once you’ve got the ambience that you want to achieve, picking bar supplies will be easier compared to going in blindly. As an added bonus, once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basic bar supplies, shopping for other more unique items will become a stroll in the park.

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