Robots and Restaurants? Innovation is on the Rise

Robots are one of the many forms of food technology that are expected to transform the food industry. Innovation is key to staying alive and well in any industry — and the restaurant world is hardly exempt.

While we haven’t yet reached Jetson’s territory in terms of pressing a button and having meatloaf and mashed potatoes appear in front of us via pneumatic tube, it may be closer than we think. Continue reading Robots and Restaurants? Innovation is on the Rise

Iced Tea Drinks Taking Off on Restaurant Menus

Learn why any time is a good time for tea to be included in your restaurant menusThere are few drinks more refreshing on a steamy summer day than a chilled glass of freshly brewed iced tea.

In fact, iced tea is so popular at this time of year that June has officially been designated as National Iced Tea Month. And while iced tea dates all the way back to the Civil War era, its popularity has skyrocketed since then — both in its original incarnation and in the form of many different tasty variations. Continue reading Iced Tea Drinks Taking Off on Restaurant Menus

Starting a Barbecue Restaurant? Read This First

Opening a Barbecue Restaurant? there are important tips to help you get off to a fiery start.Historians place George Washington himself at a cookout all the way back in 1769 when he wrote in his journal, “Went into Alexandria to a barbecue and stayed all night.” President Franklin D. Roosevelt, meanwhile, once memorably served hot dogs to the King and Queen of England. Continue reading Starting a Barbecue Restaurant? Read This First

Presentation is Key

It can be difficult to decide what your employees should wear while they’re working. You may even be tempted to avoid a dress code. However, it’s very important that your staff wears similar clothing. Your customers will have a higher opinion of your business if your staff matches. There are several options you can choose from when assigning a dress code. Staff uniforms are one convenient option. Here are a few of the options available through Lionsdeal.


There are many different types of shirts that can be used as a uniform. For a semi-casual business, a polo shirt will work well or even a t-shirt with the restaurants logo. An upscale restaurant would probably like to use a dress shirt of some kind. There are many options for both types of shirts. Depending on the atmosphere and people you are trying to attract for your business can help you decide on the dress code.


This is a simple piece that can be used several different ways. You can use it as part of a full uniform, or you can use it by itself. It will quickly dress up any outfit. There are different types you can choose from. One common choice is a full back vest. These vests are available for both men and women. They are mainly used at fine dining restaurants and let’s your guests know they can receive the full fine dining experience.


These are essential for any outfit no matter where you are, but the pants you choose for your dress code will make an impact. For a laid back restaurant, jeans are sometimes acceptable. Outside of that atmosphere, most business owners want their staff to look professional. A common solution is to use dress pants. You can get these pants in black or other dark colors. Some people prefer to use khaki pants for their employees.


Many restaurants and diners require their staff to wear aprons. You can choose from full body aprons and waist aprons. Both work well in a restaurant setting. These aprons are available in different colors in order to match the style of your business. The aprons also come to be convenient for carrying straws, notepads, etc.

Most dress codes are for employees that your customers will see. In a restaurant, this includes waitresses, bussers, and hosts. Anyone who is interacting with customers should follow a dress code. This is important to think about when you’re assigning a dress code. It’s a good idea to consider the atmosphere of your business first. If it has a relaxed, laid back atmosphere, then you may want to use a polo shirt with khaki pants. If your business prides itself on being sophisticated then a dress shirt, vest, and dress pants is a good idea for a dress code.

These are just a few of the options you will find when you visit Lionsdeal. Other uniform options and items are available. You can even find dinnerware, office supplies, commercial kitchenware, disposable products, and more. You’ll be able to find anything you need.

Displaying Foods

Whether you own a restaurant, catering company or other food service business it’s important to display your food correctly. If you have some sort of buffet or similar food display it needs to look attractive. The style of the food display can actually impact the entire meal and your customers’ experience.

You can find a range of food display options and kitchenware equipment through Lionsdeal. The items you will need depend on the type of food you’re serving. It’s important to also consider the atmosphere in which you’ll be serving the food. The setup for a special occasion dinner will be different from other situations. Here are a few situations to give you some ideas.

Restaurant Buffet

There are quite a few items you’ll need to run a restaurant buffet. Some of the buffetware will be outside the food display category. This includes the different ways to heat certain food and drink-related items.

One great item for a buffet is serving platters. These are great for displaying foods that don’t need to be heated. This can include certain finger foods, cheese, and crackers. You can choose from different sizes and shapes for your serving platters.

Bowls are another option for restaurant buffets. Serving bowls are great for fruits and vegetables. Using a deep bowl works well for fruits, but a shallow bowl can also be used. It’s best for vegetables to be served in a shallow bowl. Your customers will have an easier time of getting to the food.

Wedding Reception

A very important part of a wedding reception is the cake. Using a cake stand is one of the best ways to display the cake. It will help keep the cake stable while adding a bit of extra style. Some stands are decorative while others are plainer. This gives the couple the ability to choose what type of stand fits their wedding.

Serving platters are also important for catering a wedding reception. These can be used to serve guests at their tables or to display foods at a buffet. If a wedding reception includes a buffet one of the best options for serving food is tiered buffet displays. It’s a simple way to display a large amount of food in a small space. Many styles are also available to match the wedding.

Continental Breakfast

A complimentary breakfast will often be served at a hotel or for a special retreat that requires catering. Displaying food for this type of breakfast is different from displaying food for a wedding. Breakfast is often laid back and casual. For this reason, a lot of places use display items that are not fancy. A common item is woven baskets. Bagels or condiments are often put in these baskets.

Serving bowls and serving platters are also used often. The bowls will usually hold fruit, such as apples and bananas. The platters may have dry food options. Tiered buffet displays can also be used. These are handy for a breakfast that is served on a single table.

There are many options for all of these items through Lionsdeal. Other options are also available. Many other items are helpful when you’re serving and displaying food, but not all restaurants and catering companies need specialized items. The items above are the basics.

You can find even more options at At their website, you’ll be able to find items and equipment to meet all your needs. Commercial kitchenware, office supplies, and disposable items are just a few other the types of items available.

Libbey Glassware

There are many exceptional products that Lionsdeal offers, including Libbey glassware. This glassware is great for restaurants, catering companies, bars, home use, and more. It can be difficult to decide exactly what glassware is right for you, but there’s sure to be something for everyone at Lionsdeal.

About Libbey Glassware

Libbey Inc has been a trusted company for hundreds of years. They are known for making quality glassware. Over the years they have pioneered the glassmaking field and have discovered new ways to create glassware. Libbey offers a wide range of glassware that is known for its quality. Its selection has also drawn people to it over the years. More options make finding the right glassware easier.

Restaurant Glassware

Using Libbey glassware in restaurants is common, because there are several useful styles to choose from. Tumblers are a common choice for restaurant dinnerware. These glasses are essential for every customer to have any sort of drink. Many styles and even colors are available to fit the style of any restaurant.

Some restaurants also like to have some specialty glassware. Wine glasses are the most common specialty glasses at restaurants. Many customers enjoy a glass of wine with dinner on occasion. It’s very important to have the right type of glass. If a customer orders wine and receives it in a tumbler, they will usually have a negative impression of the restaurant. Using wine glasses adds class to a restaurant.

Bar Glassware

Many styles and sizes of specialty glassware are available. Some glasses are specifically designed for alcoholic drinks. Lionsdeal has a variety of these glasses, including the small spirits glasses. Other glasses that are specifically designed for mixed drinks are also available. General glasses that are often used at bars are available as well. There are many styles to choose from to match the feel and style of the specific bar. Having the right glassware will provide your customers with a positive impression.

Home Glassware

Businesses are not the only places that want nice glassware. At home, glassware can be an important part of a dinnerware set. This glassware may be simple tumblers for everyday meals. A person may also want a nicer set of glassware to go with their nice china. They can choose from a range of glassware. Many different styles are available, so it’s easy to find the right glassware.

The glassware above is just one of the many items that Lionsdeal offers. They also offer restaurant supplies and equipment, kitchenware, general bar supplies, disposable products, office supplies, and more. Anyone from business owners to average citizens can find exactly what they’re looking for at Lionsdeal.

Tuxton Dinnerware

Lionsdeal knows that Tuxton is a highly trusted dinnerware brand. To meet all customers’ dinnerware needs, Lionsdeal offers quality Tuxton China at great prices. A wide range of pieces are available to fit many different atmospheres from weddings to restaurants. These great dinnerware pieces work well in any environment.

About Tuxton China

Tuxton is a trusted dinnerware brand that provides quality dinnerware pieces. Most of the pieces are designed to be commercial or restaurant dinnerware. However, all of the Tuxton China can be used at home. They will all fit beautifully around the table. Tuxton China is high quality, durable, attractive, and affordable. You can’t get much better than that!

At Home

Tuxton China is great for the home because it’s classy, and there are so many options. The pieces are made of high quality material, so they last for a long time. It’s also easy to match any style with these pieces, because they come in different styles and colors. The plates, cups, bowls, and tea pots all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some colors are bright while others are toned down and fit well in any home. There are also many designs in white and cream.

Restaurant or Catering Business

Using Tuxton China at a restaurant or while catering is an excellent idea. You have so many options, so you can customize the feel of your restaurant or catering business. With so many different designs and colors you can coordinate all your pieces. You can choose from bright sets or classic sets. Intriguing patterned pieces are also available for an elegant touch. The great selection allows you to design your perfect set of catering or restaurant dishes.

Some Tuxton pieces that Lionsdeal offers are made especially for restaurants and catering businesses. One such item is the sugar packet holder. These holders are great to put on tables for your customers’ convenience. Salt and pepper shakers and specialty serving plates are also available. Wholesale square plates are one specialty item that work well in upscale restaurants and catering businesses. These plates are a crowd pleaser.

Liondeal’s selection of Tuxton China is just one section of the items Lionsdeal offers. Many other types of dinnerware are also available. Other important items, such as bar supplies, flatware, kitchenware, and office supplies, are also available. Janitorial supplies, facility maintenance items, and appliances are among the other choices. Everything a restaurant, catering business, or office could ever want can be found on Lionsdeal’s website. You’ll find a wide range of quality products at great prices.

Keep Food Warm All Day Long with Soup Warmers

Keeping Soup Hot, Easy as ‘ABC’ With Soup Warmers

Often, when we wish to keep soup, stew, chili, dips, or sauces warm for very long at all, we are required to run back and forth to the kitchen, checking the soup pot which we have left on a stove burner on the low or medium setting. If we aren’t careful, or get caught up in other work around the house and forget, we end up with a messy pot of scorched and disgusting soup, thus ruining the entire pot which we worked so hard to make. Soup warmers are a great way to avoid all of that.

Soup warmers come in many different styles and sizes. You can purchase them to keep one bowl of soup warm, or a whole large pot. They are also available with twin wells, which means that there are two separate pots to hold soups, making it possible to keep two different flavors of soups, dips, and more warm at the same time. Soup warmers will keep your soups, chili, sauces, and stews warm all day without the fear of overcooking. These are a great idea for the home or for restaurant use.

When choosing a soup and sauce warmer, you can decide what size you need based on how much soup you will be warming at a time. For example, a person who lives alone might only need to keep a bowl of soup warm for themselves and have no need for a large soup warmer. With a single serving soup warmer, you can keep the whole bowl warm, to the very last bite. Soup warmers come in varied sizes and can be purchased in anything from a small single serving size, or much larger twelve quart and more.

You may also want to consider purchasing larger soup warmers for soups, chili, dip and stew if you expect to have guests. Sauces, cheese dips, even melted chocolate can be kept warm throughout the life of the party in a soup warmer with little to no checking on them. Instead of running back and forth to the kitchen stove to see to the sauce or to refill the dipping bowls, you can simply set the soup warmer out on the table and your guests can help themselves.

These sauce and soup warmers come in a variety of different styles and types. Many of the sets include ladles, inserts and lids, with the choice of a hinged lid which can be very convenient, and saves you the trouble of having to find a place to set the lid while dipping. Temperature control is also available to keep your sauces, stews, and soup warm for hours. These great looking soup warmers are sure to be a hit for any home, restaurant, or anywhere you wish to keep soups warm.

What Accent Bowl to choose

Accent Bowls

Choosing the perfect accent bowl can positively impact a meal. They come in many different styles and are created for specific events. Accent bowls can bring a little style to an event and make a lasting impression on the guests. To help you decide what type of accent bowl is right for your event we have introduced some of the categories below.

Display & Serving Bowls

These bowls can be used for several different occasions. They are designed to be versatile. There are several materials to choose from, including stainless steel, melamine, wood, acrylic, and porcelain. Stainless steel and porcelain bowls are best for more formal events. It is a good idea to use them for events that mainly have adult guests so there’s no concern about children breaking any of them. The other materials are more suitable for informal events at restaurants, catering events, or even at home. Of course all the bowls can be used for formal and informal events.

Accent bowls tend to come in neutral colors, such as white, black, and silver, so they are not distracting. They are meant to highlight the dish but not be boring. They have many different shapes from an umbrella bowl to a sea shell bowl. Choosing a style is convenient for weddings that have a specific theme.

Punch Bowls

Most punch bowls look the same, but there are actually several different styles available. They are made in acrylic, glass, stainless steel, and silver plating. With these material options there’s a punch bowl to fit every occasion. A lot of punch bowls are clear so guests can see what is being served. This is the classic punch bowl style that fits well in most settings. It can be used at a special occasion party or a summer barbeque. The clear punch bowls are a great way to add a little color to the serving area.

The stainless steel and silver plated punch bowls work well for formal events. They shine so nicely and look great in a buffet line or a small drink serving area. They bring a little class to the area and enhance the atmosphere of the event. These bowls are especially great in hotels.

Salad Bowls

Using the right salad bowl will start a meal off on a good note. These bowls are available in wood, melamine, glass, and china. The range of material makes it easy to choose salad bowls that fit your needs. The wooden bowls are a good choice for a more informal atmosphere. They feature a woven pattern that comes in natural wood coloring and in gray. These are a good choice for meals served at home.

Melamine salad bowls and china are on the border between informal and formal. They both catch the light well for a little shine that looks upscale. These bowls work well for formal events when they are in a neutral color, such as white or black. On the other hand, they can be used for informal meals because they come in several other colors.

The glass bowls are best for formal events, but they can also be used for informal meals. The deciding factor is really the way they are presented. If they are surrounded by expensive flatware they will be great for formal events. They feature a wide rim which gives them a little style. These bowls also work great for serving dinner at home. They are fun for the family because you can actually see what is in the bowl without looking directly into it.

Helping Restaurants Go Green

There is a new wave hitting the restaurant business that is likely here to stay. It is called “going green”. This means that businesses are finding ways to make a real difference in the way they operate. Environmentally conscious can mean a big boost not only for our world today, but in the future and restaurants are jumping aboard the train. It might not always be easy at first, but benefits are seen not only in the care of the natural world, but in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Many customers are also wanting to make a difference in their world today and knowing that their every day habits such as eating can make a positive change is a big boost to make them come back to your establishment.

You may say “ Okay, great idea, great benefits, but how do I implement the needed changes without going into bankruptcy? ” Simple, let us get you started !

Here are a few of their products that can get you there with minimal financial output and in ways that will not cause a major upset to your business.

Water Saver Spray Head

Water Saver Spray Valve for Pre-rinse Unit

Starting with water usage reduction is always a great first step !

Another simple yet effective step is to replace those old styrafoam food containers and usual plastic cutlery with biodegradable types like these :

Dispoz-o hinged containers, Straws, Cutlery

These offer all the same useful properties such as strength, durability and functionality without the bad. These are dye-free, biodegradable and recyclable. There really is no reason not to switch! Cleaners can really disrupt the ecosystem’s fragile balance and cause harm to plant and animal life. Choosing cleaners that are safer will help greatly. These choices will do the job right without harming the environment.

GOJO Lotion Soap – Green Seal and Ecologo certified for hand cleansers and soaps.

Nature’s Source Toilet Bowl Cleaner – A biodegradable, natural and eco-friendly choice for clean toilets in your establishment.

Clorox Green Works Pot and Pan Detergent – Made to work hard without hurting the environment with powerful, natural degreasers.

Better bags mean greener business easier, these bags are actually made from cornstarch and are every bit as tough as the old petroleum based bags.

EcoProducts Compostable Grocery Bags

Ordering and other office use products will be easy to get greener by using paper products such as these.

Second Nature Recycled Legal Pads HP Office Recyled Copier Paper

Need a place designated for the recycling ? Try this recycle bin from Rubbermaid.

C-Brute Recycling Rollout Container with Lid

Also, getting organized with your composting and recycling will help your staff get and stay on track and get your greener restaurant running smoothly. These recycling labels will help your employees learn what to put where for the least confusion and the greatest amount of organization.

Recycling Label Kit

Another popular way for restaurants to help with the environment is to buy local whenever possible. There is simply less fuel use and better support for local business when you do that. Also, buying organic products to serve your customers assures them that you are thinking not only of the earth, but them as well.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can incorporate better eco-friendly practices into your business, sure, there are more costly and invasive methods, but this is a great start. Visit today and see how easy it is to get going green !