Help Your Clients Choose the Right Event Venue with Ease

Tips for Choosing the Right Venue: A Major Factor for a Successful Event

Venue Criteria: How to Find the Right Event Space

When you are hired to cater an event, you – and your client – are faced with a long list of decisions, ranging from date, to décor, to food, to timetable. Before anything else connected to the event can be decided, however, choosing the venue is priority #1. Since your clients already chose you to cater and manage their event, this means that you must play the role of psychologist, adviser, and friend from the time your involvement is established to the morning after the event (and, often, beyond).

Guide your Client to the Perfect Event Venue

From the outset, you have to follow your client’s lead: Some customers want and need just a little guidance, while others will rely on you for everything. Be prepared, patient, and knowledgeable – no matter what is expected of you – and you will be able to add one more satisfied customer to your resume.

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Spend Less on Centerpieces and Get Fabulous Results

Eye-Catching Centerpieces Can Be Created on a BudgetWhen planning parties big or small, formal or casual, very often the décor or theme can make all the difference. An experienced caterer can throw a party in the starkest of venues – rec halls or church basements – and he or she can transform it by using colorful accessories and little unexpected touches. Color combinations can create a mood and set a tone, but perhaps the most important factor in turning an ordinary table into something special is the centerpiece, that all-important design element that can change the look and feel of a venue in an instant. Don’t underestimate the power of the centerpiece – words to live by. Continue reading Spend Less on Centerpieces and Get Fabulous Results