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Winco MDL-18 Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer Set with Built-In Blades

Winco MDL-18 Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer Set with Built-In Blades

Winco MDL-18 Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer Set with Built-In Blades

Product Code: MDL-18
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Slice up vegetables easily with theWinco MDL-18 Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer Set with Built-In Blades. Designed with 4 built-in blades, this slicer offers a variety of cutting options and its rotary adjustment dial makes it easy to use. In addition, it comes with a hand guard/food holder that fits comfortably in the user's hand.

Manufactured from stainless steel, this mandoline slicer is exceptionally durable and will not get rusted over time. In addition, its rubber base keeps it securely in place as you work.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Includes stainless steel hand guard
  • Rotary adjustment dial with 4 built-in blades
  • Rubber non-slip feet
  • 19.38" x 7" x 3.88"
  • Specifications
    • Brand:
    • Winco
    • Model #:
    • MDL-18
    • Ship weight:
    • 4 lbs 9 oz
    • Sold As:
    • 1 ea

    Customer Reviews

    John A. on 07/30/2021

    I bought the Winco MDL-18 Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer Set with Built-In Blades. What a dream this device is, as I think it's great! But let me devide my review through the various issues I encountered:rnrnOrdering: The ordering process was exceedingly simple. I selected the device I wanted, went to the cart, then provided my address and credit card information before the order was accepted. Awesome!rnrnDelivery: I'd ordered this around the July 4th weekend, so I knew there would be a delay. I received an e-mail stated that they received my order... and then nothing, for over a week. I began reading many negative reviews about Lions Deal where there were complaints about people ordering and not receiving their requests, and not receiving their money back. I got worried, so I called their Customer Service and inquired about my order. I was assured they'd received the order, and that I should wait up to a week to receive an e-mail of the order's status before calling back. I did, and the e-mail arrived stating it was shipped before the additional week expired. I would only wish their system would provide occasional updates of the order's status before I had to resort to reading negative criticisms and getting panicked.rnrnReceipt: I figured the delivery was on the slow boat to China, but I was wrong. Once I received the e-mail indicating that my order had shipped, I received it two days later. This was great service!rnrnOpening: When I opened the box of the mandoline, I was in awe of its beauty. It was a shiny stainless steel machine, with all these doohickies that allowed one to make all sorts of cuts to vegetables provided you raised and lowered various levers. It was almost like working a steam engine from the 1880's.rnrnManual: The instructions are relatively straightforward so long as you know how to read English. I completely understood the gears and levers needed to get the mandoline to do what I wanted it to do. However, I have a feeling that somebody who understands a different language may inadvertently be labeled a serial killer, as there are no instructions for other languages.rnrnUse: The instructions specifically state that you use the Rubberized Non-Slip Grip Handle when slicing vegetables. But I'm male and I thought I knew better. Well, after leaving a bloody skin remnant from my left pinky finger on the serrated blades, followed by a deeper serrated cut on my bleeding right thumb that almost required hospitalization, I've decided in retrospect that the Handle was indeed a good idea. (FYI- My brother was a manager at a restaurant that mandated using the handle when cutting vegetables, and he told me this before I completely ignored him- until I received my life-threatening injuries.)rnrnOverall, I give the Winco MDL-18 Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer Set with Built-In Blades a total of 5 stars. I give Lions Deal 3 stars only because I think they need to provide regular updates on any delays. And I give myself 1 star for being an absolute idiot.rnrnYou will not regret getting the mandoline- provided you're not the ignoramous I am.

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    Kirk W. on 10/12/2020

    Just purchased it recently so I have only used it for making dried apples. I could cut them very thin, which worked great. Planning on using the mandoline in making home made potato chips.

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