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Table Card Holders and Numbers

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Table card holders and table numbers are great for elegant table marking and identification. Stainless, black, and chrome table card holders and table sign holders are perfect for weddings, fine dining, or banqueting purposes and are available from 6" to 18". The number cards are made of stainless steel or plastic in easy-to-see typefaces. You can find the widest selection of table card stands and menu card holders from LionsDeal and get the most competitive prices and the most customer-friendly service in the market.

Ways Table Card Holders Can Be Used:
Weddings - Table cards are an easy way to help guests know where to be seated. By assigning each guest a number they can quickly and easily find the table they are to be seated at.

Oftentimes wedding table card holders are decorated further to make them match the decor of the place settings. By purchasing one of LionsDeal's table card holders and adding just a touch of creativity you could end up with something fantastic.

Restaurants - Often at elegant restaurants there will be table numbers to help both the staff and the customers stay organized. With table numbers, hosts and hostesses can easily guide guests to a table and then assign that table to a specific waiter or waitress.

Family Reunions (or other large events) - At family reunions there may be tables assigned to specific families, and a name card quickly slipped into one of our table card holders is a great way to help the family members know which table they should be eating at that night.

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