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In the 18th century, Abraham Darby was an Englishman who traveled to observe the more advanced Duth system of making cast-metal cooking vessels in the Netherlands. When he returned to Britain, he manufactured similar cooking vessels using the same system. Because the manufacturing process followed the Dutch system, the cookware became popular as "Dutch Ovens." Colonists and settlers have used Dutch ovens to make biscuits, breads and pies. Although 300 years have passed, Dutch ovens remain useful in modern kitchens despite the presence of more advanced appliances.

How To Use A Dutch Oven

Introduction To Dutch Oven Cooking - A feature article by John Jackman dated November 2000. It includes tips and tricks in using the Dutch oven, recipes that use the Dutch oven, and

'Cast Iron' Chef Keeps 'Cowboy Cookin' Alive - A feature article on a chef who competes in Dutch Oven competitions. It includes tips in controlling the temperature, tools needed for Dutch Oven cooking, preparing the Dutch Oven, and cleaning the Dutch Oven.

Go Dutch - A two-page introduction into Dutch oven cooking written by Stephanie Shank for Backyards and Beyond, University of Arizona (Winter 2009)

Dutch Oven Cooking (PDF) - A manual created by Susan Haws for Utah State University Summit County Extension (Published in 2010)

Dutch Oven Basics - a feature article written by Linda Melcher for the Baking and Food Storage section of the University of Wyoming Food and Nutrition Website. Last modified 11/02/2006

Dutch Oven Cooking Introduction - A general introduction to using a Dutch oven to feed six to ten people. An excerpt from the book intended for use by the World Brotherhood of Scouting.

Seven Secrets Of Dutch Oven Cooking - Seven secrets of Dutch oven cooking that beginners and experienced cooks should know.

Dutch Oven Cooking: How To Use A Dutch Oven - A full-page article on Dutch oven cooking by Eileen Troemel of Wisconsin. Includes tips in buying a Dutch oven, seasoning it to a burnished sheen, and cleaning it to keep its coating intact.

Sout's Guide To Beginning Dutch Oven Cooking (PDF) - A useful guide by Roger Tipley for beginners in Dutch oven cooking. The guide includes easy-to-do recipes.

What Your Dutch Oven Can Do (PDF) - A guide to using your Dutch Oven. Includes 13 pages of recipes.

Dutch Oven Cleaning

Cleaning Your Dutch Oven - A simple procedure for cleaning your Dutch oven and keeping its coating intact. Article by Dutch Oven Dude.

How To Clean A Dutch Oven - This is eighth in a series of ten articles in Getting Started With Dutch Oven Cooking by Outdoor Cooking Magic.

Cast Iron Cookware Cleaning Tips - Great advice from Campfire Café Cooking Library. Click the links to expand the articles.

Cleaning Your Dutch Oven - A short section on how to clean your Dutch oven correctly.

Dutch Oven Clean Up - One of the pages in Gary Yerkes' site about Dutch Oven cooking. Other pages include methods for seasoning the pots and controlling the temperature while cooking.

Dutch Oven Tips And Techniques

Dutch Oven Tips - The page may be part of a supplier's online store, but the quality advice shared will be useful when you need it most. Includes tips in getting rid of rust, cleaning the Dutch oven, and controlling the temperature inside the oven.

Dutch Oven Tips And Techniques - Frequently asked questions about Dutch oven cleaning, seasoning and cooking.

Dutch Oven Cooking Unit 1 Project Manual - Simple manual for beginners in Dutch oven cooking. Includes short quizzes at the end of each lesson.

Dutch Oven Cooking - Tips and techniques in using Dutch ovens, cleaning them, and setting the exact temperature for cooking. Compiled for Utah State University Extension.

Dutch Oven Cooking Tips by Dutch Oven Dude - Practical advice from a Dutch oven enthusiast. The site also includes cooking advice for stews, meats, desserts, and breads plus a lid cooking tip!

Seasoning Tips And Other Sound Advice from Western Dutch Oven - Useful tips from an experienced Dutch oven cook. Includes advice for recovering abused or neglected cast-iron and re-seasoning cast-iron.

Techniques, Tips and Recipes - Great advice from Floyd Crandall, seasoned Dutch oven cook from Fairfield, Idaho.

Comments on High Temp Cast Iron Seasoning - High temp seasoning forms a dark coat inside the Dutch oven. No need for a liner to cook cobblers in the oven.

Dutch Oven Recipes

Dutch Oven Cookbook (PDF) - Recipes compiled by Idaho State University Dutch Oven Cooking Class (Spring 2011)

Recipes for Dutch Oven Cooking (PDF) - University of Idaho compilation of recipes that use the Dutch oven (2005)

Dutch Oven Recipes - Four classic recipes shared by C.W. Butch, a popular Dutch oven cook from Idaho

Dutch Oven Coking (PDF) - Classic and contemporary Dutch Oven recipes compiled by LaDell Emmons for Oklahoma State University

Llama Hike Dutch Oven Recipes - As featured at and compiled by Dr. Phillip Rosenkrantz. These are his original recipes posted at his personal homepage at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona domain.

Byron's Dutch Oven Recipes - A substantial database of Dutch oven recipes for breakfast, seasonings, sauces, entrees, desserts, breads, biscuits, sourdough, and stews.

Dutch Oven Recipes - A collection of recipes that use Dutch ovens. Compiled by the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society in Texas.

Dutch Oven Desserts

Dutch Oven Recipes: Desserts - A good list of recipes for desserts made using a Dutch oven. Simple ingredients and easy-to-follow steps make these recipes fun to do! Each recipe includes a checklist of equipment and supplies needed for Dutch oven cooking outdoors.

Dutch Oven Cakes, Cookies and Desserts - Easy recipes for old and young Scouts. Original compilation by Mike Audleman (Revised in July 1995).

Dutch Oven Cooking Desserts (PDF) Wayback Machine - This is a copy of the document at the Wayback Machine site. The original is either gone or moved from the BSA Troop 680 site.

Dutch Oven And Camping

Dutch Oven Outdoor Recipes - Recipes specifically made for outdoor cooking. Easy to follow with few ingredients needed.

Camp Cooking With Dutch Ovens - An Australian site that shares tips in seasoning camp cooking equipment, such as a Dutch oven. Photos accompany the instructions on the page.

Camp Oven Cooking - Helpful tips in using a camp oven (Dutch oven) in an Australian bush camp.

World-Class Dutch Oven Contest To Revive Old Times, Old Tastes - At the bottom of the article, a few useful tips in cooking and cleaning a Dutch oven when camping.

Dutch Oven Cooking Tips For Campers - A short article on how to cook with a Dutch oven outdoors.

Outdoor Cooking With Dutch Ovens - A guide to using Dutch ovens while camping, traveling or cooking in your backyard.

Campfire Cookin' With A Dutch Oven - When you have ten people or so around your campfire, a Dutch oven is a necessary cooking vessel to use.