Holding / Proofing Cabinets

Adcraft PW-120C Heater Proofer Cabinet Only Sold As: 1 ea
Finance as Low as $19/month
Adcraft PW-120 Heater Proofer Cabinet Set Sold As: 1 ea
Finance as Low as $28/month

Holding / proofing cabinets are invaluable for bakeries, cafes, and restaurants that make their own fresh breads, cinnamon buns, and other pastries. We offer holding / proofing cabinets with an air baffle and circulating air blower for even heat distribution as well as cabinets with LED thermostats for temperature and humidity control. Our line of holding / proofing cabinets is made from non-corrosive aluminum for ultimate strength and usability. Browse our wide selection of holding / proofing cabinets and find the best one for your food service facility.