Foil Pans

Aluminum Foil Pan -Oblong, 7 x 5
Flat Foil Lid (fits 204725)
Full Size Steam Table Foil Lids
Aluminum Round Container, 7 in
Deep Half Size Steam Table Pans
Aluminum Round Container, 9 in

Foil pans are great to have around whether you run a restaurant or a diner, a bakery or even a catering service. Foil pans let you keep things fresh for long periods of time, in the fridge or warming in the oven. Send your customers home with their delicious left overs in one of our round containers made from aluminum foil, or choose plastic pans so they can put them right in the microwave. We have a great assortment of sizes, materials and styles, so choose what you need and stock up. Enjoy great pricing and take advantage of free shipping on most items.