7 3/4 Ice Chipper

7 3/4 Ice Chipper
Product Code: IRCP008
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7 3/4 Ice Chipper


Thunder Group ice chipper 7-3/4" with wooden handle. Ergonimic grip and sturdy design means quality ice chipping with ease. It is made out of carbon steel with 6 points for extra strength Chip ice easily and efficiently with the stainless steel ice chipper. Great for use in bars, restaurants, or even at home when ice is stuck together and needs to be broken apart The wooden handle and the stainless steel ensure that the product will be durable and last quite a long time Since the product is rigid and sturdy, it can be used for heavy-duty ice chipping.
  • Brand:
  • Thunder Group
  • Model #:
  • IRCP008
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  • 7 oz
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