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Alpine Mist Extreme-Duty Odor Neutralizer Fogger, 12 oz

Product Code: AMRA26416
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Alpine Mist Extreme-Duty Odor Neutralizer Fogger, 12 oz
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Misty® Odor Neutralizer Fogger. Professional strength odor counteractant system with long lasting action. Total release fogger contains super-dry air deodorizer formula with ultra-fine particles for maximum diffusion. Powered by DeoEssence®, integrated fragrance/odor counteractant system.Professional strength for the toughest airborne odors – Smoke, Fire, Animal, Biological.One-shot treatment; one can treats areas up to 6,000 cubic feet. Releases in three minutes; return to space in approximately one to four hours.Professional strength for the toughest odors—smoke/fire, animal/pet and biological odors. Super dry air deodorizer formula contains ultra fine particles for maximum diffusion. Powered by DeoEssence® integrated fragrance/odor fighting system. Ideal for use in most settings beyond the restroom such as hospitals, schools, offices, gyms and restaurants. Universal actuator fits most available metered aerosol dispensers. Includes twelve 12 oz metered dispenser cans per case. 12-oz. can, 5-oz. net wt.
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