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Film and Foil Wraps

Rite Wrap 12X10 3/412/500S
Film Cutter Box 12 X 2000
Plastic Wrap 2000 ft Roll
Food Wrap in Box with Cutter
Aluminum Foil Roll, Metro 18X500'
Foil Standard Roll 12 X 500
Heavy Foil Roll 12 X 500
Heavy Foil Roll 12 X 500 Sold As: 1 ea
Foil Standard Roll 18 X 1000

For all your wrapping and food storage needs, take a look at our great selection of film and foil wraps. We have clear film rolls in various lengths and sizes, so pick what you need to cover your trays and platters. Aluminum foil is sturdy and heavy duty and also comes in several sizes and lengths for your tougher storage needs. Satin Pac brand gives you the versatility of several sheets to take care of smaller needs. Pick and choose to cover all your storage and remember that everything here ships free.