Is Pizza at your Restaurant Still Hot?

Pizza consumption has reached a all time restaurant  highCheesy, gooey, mouthwatering pizza. There’s a reason it’s a perennial winner on favorite food lists. But is it as popular today as it’s been for the past 10, 25, or even 50 years?

The answer, according to food-centric research and consulting firm Technomic? A resounding yes.

Let’s take a closer look at Technomic’s findings, along with key takeaways for restaurant owners looking to serve up the perfect pizza-eating experience for customers. Continue reading Is Pizza at your Restaurant Still Hot?

Making Pizza!

Making a pizza can be a really fun activity, but it’s important to have everything you need. It’s always a letdown when you start working on a pizza and then find out you’re missing an important piece. Before you go out shopping for your pizza ingredients it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary equipment. If you’re missing something, Lionsdeal has a range of pizza items that can help you. Below are a few of the important items for making a pizza.

Pizza Pans & Screens

A pizza pan is a basic need when it comes to making a pizza. It’s the classic way to make a pizza. A pan is also great for displaying the pizza once it’s done. Another option is to use a pizza screen. These screens are used the same way that a pan is used. However, they help distribute heat evenly to avoid too much charring.

Pizza Peels

These are a popular item that is often used by catering companies and businesses. Pizza peels make it easier and safer to take hot pizza pans and screens out of a pizza oven. They are available in wood or aluminum. The traditional pizza peels have a long handle, but there are short handled pizza peels available. A pizza peel is convenient because it helps you avoid burns.

Serving Utensils

You can choose from a few different pizza servers that will make it easier for you to serve the pizza when it’s done. They come in a rectangular shape or a triangle shape. Each helps you serve pizza without hurting your hands. There’s also a large pizza server that’s a great option for a pizza business that lifts pizzas between a pan and a serving platter.

Pizza Cutters

Using a pizza cutter is much easier than using a large knife. It’s also a safer way to cut the pizza. Most of the pizza cutters feature a stainless steel wheel with a handle that is either metallic, plastic, or wood. You can choose from pizza cutters of different sizes.

Oven Brushes

Using a pizza oven brush makes cleaning up so much easier. These brushes are specifically designed to help you clean out a pizza oven after use. You can choose from a circular or rectangular brush head. All of them work well when you’re trying to clean a pizza oven.

All of these items are commonly used to make a pizza, but they aren’t the only ones. Many commercial kitchenware items are a big help when it comes to preparing the dough. For example, you may want to use a specific type of roller. Many other items are also available from Lionsdeal, including dinnerware, office supplies, disposable items, cleaners, and more. Anything you need you can find at Lionsdeal.

Choosing the Right Pizza Pan

Pizza is certainly one of the world’s most beloved foods. Thick, thin, simple cheese, or piled high with toppings – no matter how you like your pie, you need a great pizza pan to cook it in. This post will give you information on the different types if pizza pans that are available so you can choose the one best suited to make your perfect pizza.

Most pizza pans are made from aluminum pizza pans or steel pizza pans. Both of these materials should be sturdy and long lasting though some chefs prefer one over the other. You can also find some pizza pans made out of cast iron. Fans of cast iron claim that it will give the crust an additional boost of flavor as you bake. As with other cast iron pans, it must be seasoned so that your tasty creation will not stick to it. Pans may be circular pans or rectangular pans depending on the look you want and come in a variety of sizes from small pizza pans for romantic couple’s dinner or a large pans ready to feed hungry guests at a football party.

Popular brands include All-Clad, Pampered Chef, and Old Stone, though many chefs report great success with lesser known brands as well. When comparing different pans, be sure to check the thickness of the metal. Not only will a thicker pan withstand repeat uses and the test of time better, they are also better for cooking your pizza evenly. A thinner pan is much more likely to burn the bottom and edges of your crust before it is ready to take it out of the oven. A nonstick coating will help with removal of the pizza from the dish and make it easier to clean the pan. Often referred to as air bake pans, some pans may be perforated, or have little holes along the bottom. These holes help the crust bake drier so that it does not become soggy. They also allow you to use a thin coating of cornmeal for additional flavor and texture on the bottom of the crust, if you desire.

The next step is to consider what type of crust you desire for your pizza. For a chewy thick crust, you will need a pan with raised sides to shape and contain the crust as you cook it. The most common depth for these pans is 1”, though there are also 2” deep versions available also. A spring form pan like is used to bake cheesecakes where the bottom detaches from the sides will make the task of removing a deep dish pie from the pan much easier.

If a thin, crispy crust is what your taste buds desire, then you should look for a flat pan with flat or slightly raised edges. You can find a wide variety of options in flat pans, such as coupe-style, wide rimmed, and beaded edged. The variances between these pans is slight and primarily only in visual appearance, so your decision may be based purely on the aesthetic you like best if you will be serving the pizza on the pan as well.

Another increasingly popular option for thin crust pizza are pizza stones. Just as simple as it sounds, they are a stone that is designed for baking a pizza. They are more costly than a metal pizza pan, but justify the price difference with their even cooking and unique visual appeal. Like a cast iron pan, many feel that a pizza stone adds to the flavor and charm of a pizza crust. These stones are perfect for use in creating wood fired pizzas, which are a big trend in modern pizzerias. Some brands seem prone to cracking after a few years of use, though some chefs have happily used the same stone for fifteen or more years.

Though you should never cut anything directly in any cooking pan, after slicing your pizza you can return it to the pizza pan or stone for a simple serving dish. If you prefer something more unique and catchy, you can also find a wide variety of cute pizza serving dishware. You might also find that you prefer to use pizza screens which help prevent charring and are also a great way to serve pizza. No matter how you like your pie, there is the perfect pan out there to help you create your perfect pizza.

Discounted Pizza Supplies As A Gift For Pizza Lovers

Let’s say that you’ve got a friend that has a birthday coming up and you can’t seem to figure out what it is that he or she wants. Not only that but you’re working around a tight budget that doesn’t really give you room to buy the most extravagant of presents. Thankfully, it’s hard to find a person that doesn’t like pizza and discounted pizza supplies can make a great gift when you’re low on cash but looking to make your friend feel special.


Putting together a gift basket of pizza supplies is relatively simple since most of the items can be found at your local supermarket. Not only that but pizza supplies are easy on the pocket so if you do your shopping wisely, you can get a lot for a small amount of money. Some of the pizza supplies that you might want to include in your pizza lover gift basket are as follows:
• Pizza Pan and Pizza Cutter: Pizza pans and pizza cutters are the staple in any attempt to make pizza and if your pal loves to make homemade pizza, you can be sure that these items will be used often.
• Cookbook: Variety in pizza is the one thing a pizza lover will always be looking for and that is what makes these sorts of pizza supplies wonderful to include in your gift basket. Your friend can try some of the given recipes for pizza sauces and may even be inspired to make his or her own concoction.
• Oven Mitt: Show your buddy that you care about his or her hands by throwing in these pizza supplies. Oven mitts generally have quite a fair amount of available designs and don’t cost much at all.
• Spices: When you’re talking about pizza supplies, a healthy variety of spices is always well appreciated. From oregano to crushed peppers, your friend can work on whatever pizza they desire with the help of some well chosen spices.
These aren’t the only pizza supplies that can be placed in the gift basket. You can also opt to include cheese and spice shakers or mixing bowls for the dough. Be creative with the discounted pizza supplies that you pick to make your friend feel just a little bit more special and appreciated. Happy gift-giving!

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Taking Care of Pizza Supplies

pizza supplies

Pizza has become one of the most sought after food items in the restaurant industry because of the duality it provides. In short, pizza can either be that guilty pleasure people can grab at a fast food chain or a gourmet dish waiting to happen. However, one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to pizza supplies is that the term only relates to the ingredients needed to make the pizza. Truth be told, pizza supplies aren’t just the ingredients, the equipment used to make the pizza is an important supply that completes the puzzle.

Picking Out Sturdy Supplies

In order to keep the making of pizza akin to a well oiled machine, the right pizza supplies need to be bought in accordance to the sizes and kinds of pizzas being made. Included in the list of necessary pizza supplies are pizza pans and plates of assorted sizes, pizza screens, pizza cutters, dough boxes and bubble poppers. Like any other piece of equipment, the pizza supplies need to be able to handle the rough and tumble style that most pizza makers use. If slapping a pizza pan down onto the counter is going to bend the pan out of shape, either the pizza supplies are flimsy or the pizza maker has some super human strength.

Before and After Care for Pizza Supplies

Even if the pizza supplies are durable, taking good care of them won’t hurt either and it’ll ensure the longer use of said supplies. For example, when the chef is going to season the pan, it should first be washed and dried properly for the sake of pizza supplies and hygiene. Oil should also be wiped onto both sides of the pan to make sure that none of the dough or sauce sticks to them. This step will help pizza makers avoid the tough clean up jobs that normally entail a strong arm to scrape and scrub at the residue.

Pick the Proper Cleaning Agents

Lastly, when cleaning pizza supplies, make sure that high alkaline or acidic cleaners are not used. There are many cleaners available at markets which are specifically made for the cleaning of pans. Different kinds of pizza supplies require different kinds of maintenance. For example, hard coated pans shouldn’t be put in a dishwasher because it removes the hard coat while using scouring pads on pans will wear them out faster. Keep these helpful hints in mind to keep pizza making easy and hassle free.

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