5 Ways to Celebrate National Breakfast Month

Celebrate National Breakfast Month and pay more attention to your  breakfast habitsSeptember is just around the corner, bringing thoughts of cooler weather, fall foliage, and back-to-school. But another subject garners the spotlight when the final day of August comes to a close.

September is National Breakfast Month! Why does this meal merit an entire month in its honor? The answer is simple, and you’ve probably been hearing it for years: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Let’s count down five tasty ways to celebrate National Breakfast Month this year.

1. Focus on Fruit

Fresh fruit for breakfast is one of the most simple yet delicious choices you can make. From digging into a tart grapefruit to a noshing on a glorious bowl of berries with or without cream, fruit is an antioxidant-packed, energy-full way to start your day.

Or, if you’re feeling fancy, why not transform your fruit-based breakfast into a cheerful Maple Citrus Coconut Salad or beautiful Breakfast Parfait?

But who says a fruit-filled breakfast has to be served up solid or that the fruit must be freshly picked? Why not give your blender a workout with Alton Brown’s Buff Smoothie. It’s loaded with freezer-handy fruit and makes for a delicious and nutritious morning meal.

2. Make It Local

The sustainability trend is going strong, and there’s no better way to get in on it — and to support your local family farm, in the process — than at breakfast.

In fact, no other meal may be easier to source locally than breakfast — from farm-fresh eggs to fresh-off-the-vine produce.

Or, head to your local farmstand to stock up on breakfast favorites like granola, honey, yogurt and other locally grown and produced options.

Doing so is a great way to make a difference in your community while simultaneously enjoying a one-of-a-kind meal of your own making.

3. Eat Out

If you stick to lunch and dinner when it comes to eating out, you’re missing out on a whole lot of deliciousness.

Today’s restaurants offer a breadth and depth of menu items, including everything from tried-and-true classics like eggs, pancakes and waffles to new and exciting offerings, such as “breakfast bowls” and the incorporation of global flavors.

In fact, the National Restaurant Association recently included “ethnic-inspired breakfast items” in its roundup of top trends for 2016.

From Mexican to miso, you can likely find it — and much, much more — on the breakfast menu of your favorite dining establishment.

4. Embrace Ethnic

When you’re not embracing the offerings of your favorite local breakfast joint, why not try your hand at experimenting with ethnic flavor profiles in your own kitchen?

From cheesy, spicy Breakfast Enchiladas to the popular Israeli breakfast dish of Shakshuka (baked eggs, tomatoes and chiles), people around the world enjoy breakfast in hundreds if not thousands of different ways. And they’re all waiting to be discovered by you.

5. Host a Breakfast Bash

Mornings are busier than ever in our fast-paced society, and many people don’t have time to stop and savor breakfast. Do your part to help others partake in a leisurely morning meal by inviting them over for breakfast or brunch.

Our pick? The Kitchen’s crowd-pleasing, crave-worthy Cinnamon French Toast Casserole, a flavorful medley of pancetta, ricotta, cinnamon, vanilla and dark brown sugar.

What’s better than cooking by yourself? Cooking with friends. (After all, “Many hands make light work.”) If you’re not up for going it alone, Invite over a few of your favorite people to join in the fun.

Another way to share the breakfast love? Host a potluck. You’ll be amazed at all of the incredible casseroles, muffins, bakes and breads that show up at your door. Don’t have time in the morning? Make it a breakfast-for-dinner event!

However you decide to observe National Breakfast Month, it’s the perfect occasion to think outside the (cereal) box.

The best part? In giving a little more thought and attention to breakfast this September, you may start a healthy habit which will see you through the whole year.

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