Nemco One-Stroke Easy Flowering Onion Cutter

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Nemco One-Stroke Easy Flowering Onion Cutter
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For the authentic cut that lets you serve today's most profitable, great-tasting appetizers—for a return of 700 percent or more! The NEMCO Easy Flowering Onion Cutter produces these high profit specialties fast and oh, so easy. Just one stroke turns a colossal onion into a colossal, flowering favorite. Then batter, bread and deep fry. Adapter base lets you use smaller onions as well. Sturdy, all-metal construction for long life.

Create the perfect signature item onion appetizer. Or dip the ends of a flowered raw onion in food coloring to create magnificent onion garnish. Use with colossal and smaller sized onions.

Remove the onion core with the Core Cutter, and you create space to add a ramekin filled with delicious dipping sauce.
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