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Franklin Machine Products 170-1153 Knob (Black )

Franklin Machine Products  170-1153 Knob (Black )
Product Code: 170-1153
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Franklin Machine Products  170-1153 Knob (Black )
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Knob (Black).
  • Black
  • For Star Manufacturing (Lang) convection oven models F-11 EHS-S EHS-AP EHS-PP EHS-PT EQS-AP ECCO-S ECCO-T ECCO-AP ECCO-PP ECCO-PT GHS-S GHS-PP GCCO-S GCCO-T GCCO-AP
  • For Star Manufacturing (Lang) griddle models LG-24S LG-36S LG-48S LG-60S LG-72AS LGR-24 LGR-36 LGR-48 LGR-60 LGR-72 G-2E G-3E G-4E G-5E. G-6E G-2EI G-3EI G-4EI G-5EI G-6EI G-2EDSI G-3EDSI G-4EDSI G-5EDSI G-6EDSI
  • For Star Manufacturing (Lang) range models CLR-36R SCR-30
  • Star Manufacturing (Lang) no. 2R70701-28
  • Brand:
  • Franklin Machine Products
  • Model #:
  • 170-1153
  • Ship weight:
  • 1 oz
  • Sold As:
  • 1